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CuteFTP 8 Pro/Home is one of the most popular ftp client in the world

Is it necessary to use an FTP client to download from ftp server? This is a good question, Why don't you just use IE instead? When we teach beginners about FTP, we usually recommend Internet Explorer, why? because he doesn't need to install another software, However, IE is a really poor ftp client software, it lacks all the things necessary.

We recommend you to install a dedicated FTP Client software, so you can enjoy all the convenience brought to you by Raiden FTP server.

Using CuteFTP pro as an FTP client has the following advantages:
resume download and upload
mode-z realtime compression
ssl/tls secured ftp session

However, it does not support utf-8 unicode file listing yet, but we still recommend it you.

Download and setup CuteFTP Pro 8


CuteFTP free download: Goto GlobalScape http://www.cuteftp.com/support/reg.aspx website, download the latest version, note that there are CuteFTP Pro and Home versions, in this tutorial we will teach you the Pro version, so don't download the home version.

CuteFTP setup: execute the setup program CuteFTPPro.EXE and you can finish the installation of it, after it's done, open it from your desktop or the start menu.


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CuteFTP desktop icon

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CuteFTP start menu

cuteftp pro

When this dialog box appears, please click continue ( This is trial version, if you like this software please consider to buy it, please do not use crack/keygen or stolen serial number). After you click continue, you will need to add your first new ftp site profile.

How to setup CuteFTP 8 Pro so that it can connect to a RaidenFTPD ftp server securely using SSL connection and maximize all the possible features?


On the FTP site master side: Create an FTP user account on your RaidenFTPD ftp server software, and the following information will automatically be generated and copied to your system clip board.

Welcome to: RaidenFTPD32
server ip: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx port: 21
implicit ssl port: 0 explicit ssl port: 121
account: testuser password: testpass
ratio 1:0 credit: 0mb
direct IE url: ftp://testuser:testpass@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:21/

Now that you are an FTP site master, please forward the above information to your ftp client users, how can an FTP client side user apply the above information intot the CuteFTP Pro 8? Please see the following tutorial.

On the ftp client side: Open CuteFTP 8 Pro and click Site manager and rught mouse click on New->FTP Site

CuteFTP 8 Pro setup 1

CuteFTP Connection Wizard - step 1

This is the first step of creating a new site profile, you need to fill 2 information here.
1. Host Address: fill the server ip xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx from FTP site master
2. Site Name: Anything you like, or you can remember.
Click next when it's done.

CuteFTP 8 Pro setup 2

CuteFTP Connection Wizard - step 2

Refer to the information obtained from FTP site master and fill them correctly.
1. Login method: select Normal
2. User Name: fill the account testuser
3. Password: fill the password testpass
click next when it's done.

CuteFTP 8 Pro setup 3

CuteFTP Connection Wizard - step 3

These default folders are not very important, however if you setup it correctly, it maybe convenient.
1. Default Local Folder: the default download location, the downloaded files goto there by default.
2. Default Remote Folder: the default remote folder, if you change it, ftp client will change to that directory after it logs into an FTP server.

cuteftp setup

Click Finish and note the newly added site in the CuteFTP Pro GUI left side.

cuteftp setup

double mouse click on the site you just added, and you can connect to the FTP Server

The area with red mark text are explained as below
1. when you log in an FTP Server, this area is used to display remote folders and files
2. FTP commands LOG window, used to display transfer errors and messages
3. Local Drives: used to change local folder (as download or upload destinations)
4. Site Manager: used to manage created site profiles

We will show how to upload a local file to the remote FTP Server now.

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First click the Loacal Drives tab and select a folder which contains the file you want to upload to the ftp server, for example C:\TEMP

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Move the mouse cursor on the file you want to upload, and right mouse click on it and select upload, and it will start to upload the file to the remote RaidenFTPD GS FTP Server


CuteFTP Pro recommend configuration

When you setup your first ftp connection successfully, you can do better things by configuring your cuteftp client software.

Please refer to our recommend configuration. (best to use with RaidenFTPD ftp server)

First of all, select the profile in Site Manager, and right mouse click on it and select Properties.

cuteftp menu

FTP Server site profile properties

cuteftp option

Click on Type tab to have some advanced settings

1. Protocol type: If the RaidenFTPD site master gave you the Explicit SSL Port number, you can select FTP with SSL (AUTH SSL - Explicit) here to increase the connection security, but note that when you select thism you must change the port number on the right side to the explicit ssl port number.

2. Data connection type: Usually just select PASV mode, unless the FTP Server side is not configured properly, you will be forced to use PORT mode.

cuteftp action

Click on Actions tab and change the filter setting

Select Actions tab, click Filter... this is to enable the listing of file name wiht . prefix.

cuteftp filter

input -la as the above image file


That's all! isn't it easy? The next step is to setup Your own FTP Server, so you can use your cuteftp to connect to it at anytime, try RaidenFTPD ftp server now!

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