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Secure FTP Server

Secure FTP

Secure FTP Server - the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL or TLS (1.0-1.2) - Transport Layer Security) is a protocol to protect your privacy and secret, it ensures nobody else can intercept your data *easily*. It is mostly used on commercial web and FTP servers, and it is quite a general protocol for any kind of internet application that requires secured connections.

With the introduction of RaidenFTPD secure FTP server with SSL/TLS security, you no longer need to worry about the security issue while transferring your file. RaidenFTPD secure FTP server can encrypt both ftp command channel and ftp data channel and prevent information from being intercepted by others. Thus, you can have a complete security scheme while FTP'ing with RaidenFTPD.

note : FTP over SSL/TLS implementation is based on RFC 4217, and is not a proprietary protocol of RaidenFTPD.

compatibility and support for implicit and explicit ssl

RaidenFTPD FTP server supports both SSLv2-v3/TLSv1-1.2 for command and data channels. In other words, user login / password, FTP commands, and file being transferred can all be encrypted.

RaidenFTPD also provdies the best compatibility with a variety of FTP clients, such as SmartFTP, FTP Voyager, FlashFXP, and CuteFTP Pro.

note : RaidenFTPD supports even more sophisticated mechanism such as imlicit SSL (SSL connect) and explicit SSL (connect and then negotiate SSL) for a more rigid security protection.

secured server to server transfer - sscn

The ietf draft of FTP over TLS does not provide the possibility for secured server to server file transfer, as known as: FXP over SSL. RaidenFTPD team worked with FTP software vendors to prmote our own open protocol SSCN.

SSCN's technical document can be found here. And yet, it is supported by the following FTP applications:

RaidenFTPD, SmartFTP, Blackmoon FTPS, SurgeFTP, FTP Voyager, Titan FTPS, Orenosv, Globalscape Secure FTPS, CuteFtp Pro, RemotelyAnywhere, FTP Serv-U, FlashFXP, Gene6 FTPS

Secured Local Password Storage - RaidenFTPD secure FTP server can store users passwords in the local user file and they are manipulated through a hash algorithm. The algorithm supports crypt/md5/sha-1 hash functions so that even if someone can look at your password file, they still will be able to know your passwords.

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