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Around 20 years ago, streaming mode and clear text transmission were used on FTP. Not until several years ago, SSL/TLS encryption was introduced. Now FTP has evolved again! We are proud to introduce you the MODE Z technology - *An on-the-fly data compression mechansim*.

note : MODE Z implementation is designed based on IETF draft, and it is not a proprietary protocol from RaidenFTPD. The original authors of the draft are J. Preston (NSC) and TJ Saunders

on the fly compression vs doing it manually

If you wish to transfer a large file by traditional FTP, what will you usually do? Probably get a compression utility and compress the file and send it to the other peer, and the other peer must prepare his own compression utility to decompress the file you sent.

With MODE Z technology, just send the file, and it's done. Transmission is automatically compressed in the background, bandwidth will not be wasted, no compression utility is needed.


Depending on the file types, some files can usually be compressed at a very high ratio, such as HTML documents, text files and LOG files. If you DO transfer these kind of files by FTP, you can absolutely be benifited by MODE Z technology

Besides that, it also accelerates directory listing speed by around 3-4 times depending on the size of your directory.


A new standard will not ever be a standard if without support from various vendors. RaidenFTPD team is working hard to make it compatible with more of both client and server applications. Currently, the following clients and servers applications in the list are supporting MODE Z, and we also sincerely welcome you to join us!

if you are interested in it, contact us now!

We will be providing you with the necessary technical information to support this new feature.

MODE Z compatible softwares

FTP Voyager SmartFTP
Serv-U Gene6
NetTransport RaidenFTPD
Core FTP FileZilla
FileZilla Server

BlackMoon FTP

GetRight Reget Deluxe
FtpRush FlashFXP
SyncBackSE Total Commander
WeOnlyDo FtpDlx Lightning Download
Fastream NETFile Server GlobalScape Secure FTP Server
CuteFTP Pro Titan FTP Server
Glub Tech SecureFTP CrushFTP

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