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RaidenFTPD (FTP server) VLS(Virtually linked servers) allows you to make one big united RaidenFTPD super server by linking to many other slave RaidenFTPDs

For example, when an FTP user logs in your server, he may be browsing content on Your server, but when he changes his working directory to a pre-defined VLS path, he is immediately browsing another ftp server.


* combine multiple RaidenFTPDs into one big RaidenFTPD
* single sign-on , manage accounts on only one server and if user has access to it then he can access all the other slave servers
* linking ftp servers with friends , group of users can link to each others
* implementing sections , different user settings when browsing into different virtual paths


* server to server link : using standard FTP or FTP over SSL/TLS and RaidenFTPD specific commands
* can map accounts on entry server to a single account on the slave servers
* can migrate accounts on entry server to slave servers


* Download v2.4 build 3460+
* Your master & slave servers must be using LATEST RaidenFTPD VLS editions

goto VFS editor


add a new virtual path


click the 3rd button to mount a remote raidenftpd server


enter remote ftp information , the remote server must be 'RaidenFTPD VLS' editions with ssl support


clickon the next to finish


click on and save and exit , now use an FTP client to connect to your server and goto /remote_server to see what happens


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