Q : when you want to different groups users to have different root directories , how do you make it ?

A :You can have different root directories for different groups of users , all "Automatically"

** This solution is useful when you want every group to have its own root directory. If you want a specified group to have its own root directory, please use this way

For example , the following lines are the content of your virtual file system file (*.vfs)


Then on your file structure should look like this:

| |
| +\group1
| | |
| | +\music (empty)
| | +\video (empty)
| +\group2
| | |
| | +\music (empty)
| | +\video (empty)
| | +\school (empty)
| +\Any other groups
+\music (files here)
+\video (files here)
+\school (files here)

Whatever blank directories exist in the groups ROOT directory (C:\FTP-Root\group) are what a client will see. The rest of the content within the directory will be invisible.

It doesn't matter what your owner and group are set to in order to get the listing to work this way.

So, if a user from group1 logins to the FTP server, he only sees music/video directories, and when a user from group2 logins your FTP server, he can access all 3 dirs music/video/school.

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