Q : when you want to add a "/Today" directory linking to the C:\incoming\0723 (while 0723 is today's date string) dir in RaidenFTPD , how to you do it ?

Alright, so you have a directory like C:\Incoming\0323 (representing today's date) and you want to make a directory like /Today that automatically points to that directory (which happens to change every day)... well here's how you do it:
You can simply add this line to your virtual file system (.vfs) file:


Remember the VFS format! The "|" (pipe) is a separator. C:\incoming\%y points to that dated directory you made in C:\incoming (study up on your variables). /Today is the directory as your users will see it. The rest of the line designates the owner and permissions.

Things to note:

#1. You must have the physical directory c:\incoming\0323 (or whatever today's date is) in present.

#2. You must also create an empty directory, /Today, under your ftp's root (/) directory (ex: c:\FtpdRoot\Today, if your ftp's root directory is c:\FtpdRoot)

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