Q:Kaspersky Anti-Virus vs. RaidenFTPD, are they compatible?

Kaspersky anti-virus

software is an anti-virus software for windows, it is used to prevent your computer from being infected by internet virus and worms.

However, sometimes (perhaps most of times), these kind of software causes troubles, is it compatible with RaidenFTPD ftp server? Generally speaking, yes, it's compatible, but IT did treat RaidenFTPD as a RISK ware which is sometimes misunderstood by many people and they thought RaidenFTPD may be infected?

Here is the truth, RaidenFTPD is not a virus at all, it's a FTP server software for windows. And it is listed as RISK ware by Kaspersky because it allows You to open a server...

Anyone with eye and english ability can read this "not-a-virus: Server-FTP.Win32.Raiden"

However, several web sites, unfortunately, list RaidenFTPD software as infected, and detected by Kaspersky anti-virus software, which is incorrect and We are truely sorry for that kind of ignorance.

So, please feel safe to use RaidenFTPD ftp server software with Kaspersky anti-virus software, it's totally clean and safe.

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