Q : How can RaidenFTPD work with SMC Barricade routers
A : Here is how to configure raidenftpd with PASV-mode behind a SMC Barricade SMC7004BR (should work with other models too, but the SMC7004BR is the one with the PASV-bug) . PS. This router automatically *patch* all PASV commands into P@SW


- enable the DHCP Server
- under DHCP Server/Fixed Mapping you have to add the computer with the raidenftpd (in this case:
- under virtual server you have to enable the Service ports 20 and 21 on
- under virtual server you have to enable a port range for the PASV-mode on (in this case: 1140-1149 - I only allow 10 connections to the raidenftpd, per connection you need min 1 port).
That's all for the router configuration.

Ok, please note that the is our sample "private IP address" , it maybe different in your environment

- under Setup/FTP-Servers you have to check USE DATA PORT RANGE 1140 to 1149
- if you get a dynamic IP from your ISP you have to check http://www.raidenftpd.com/en/raiden-ftpd-doc/howto-setup-ip.html how to setup the router so that it gets his correct IP (if you use PASV-mode the server sends IP and PORT to the client)
- under RaidenFTPD.ini you have to set ALLOW_P@SW=1 (this is because some SMC Barricade routers (specifically the 7004BR) have a bug/feature where an incoming PASV command is converted to P@SW and rejected by the FTP server). Now P@SW is handled like PASV by the raidenftpd.
That's all for the raidenftp.

Thats it! Raiden *should* now work perfectly with your Router. I have not tested this on any other setups than mine, which is Win2K. If it works for you too, please leave a response.

That's ALL



REVISION 2.2 , 2001/11/18