Q : How to add customized message files (per server basis or new language message files)
To add more languages message files:

A : RaidenFTPD had built in 10 languages of message files , after version 2.2 , it's possible to add more customized user language files , for example now you want to add a new language hebrew

Step 1: edit a text file called "RaidenFTPD.lang" and put it in RaidenFTPD directory

the content should just contain the following line


the hbr is the abbreviation and the herbrew is the description , this is important , the abbreviation should contain 3 characters , and the description should contain no space character , and the - is the seperator

Step 2: goto RaidenFTPD\message dir , and copy eng-*.msg to corresponding hbr-*.msg

and then edit them , make them whatever you want , and restart RaidenFTPD user editor dialog , now you can select this new language as user's language message files

To let each server to have its own message file sets: (requires RaidenFTPD 2.4.3470+)

Step 1: create a 'servername' directory under raidenftpd\message directory, for example raidenftpd\message\raidenftpd32

Step 2: copy *.msg under message directory to the server name directory.

Step 3: done.

That's ALL


REVISION 2.4 , 2007/09/21