Q : How to use RaidenFTPD built-in external site command dispatcher?

A : First of all you need RaidenFTPD v2.2 build 612+ , in the old versions , if you want to make a extended site command for RaidenFTPD , you need to follow the instructions described in http://www.raidenmaild.com/download/siva/images/scmdsdk.zip , you would need to write your own programming logic to determine if you would like to process this command string or not

In the RaidenFTPD v2.2 build 612+ , it's easier to make an external site command now , because it is now filtering out User's level and Command line for you.

Editing the site command dispatcher ini file

Each .ftpd (server configuration file) can be associated with a site command dispatcher ini file , when you first install RaidenFTPD , it is not created automatically , to create one , simply download this file as a template click here

in this file you will see 4+4 sections from [ROOT] to [GUEST] (and [EGGDROP-ROOT] to [EGGDROP-GUEST]) , these are the user's level identifier



inow if you want the RaidenFTPD to run c:\xxx\ooo.exe when the user in ROOT level sends this command site xxx1 , you simply add this line under the [ROOT] section 'xxx1=exec://c:\xxx\ooo.exe' , so your ini file becomes


Same rule can also apply to [EGGDROP-*] sections , they are for eggdrop event triggers

finally save this file to the RIGHT PLACE , please save it under the following directory structure


$RaidenFTPD_Program_Dir : where you installed RaidenFTPD

$ServerName : the server name you have in your *.ftpd file , note that it should not contain ? * :

New ! using ask:// interface in site command dispatcher

everything is the same as described in this page , except the following

* output file is : ...\RaidenFTPD\Output\ask-onSiteCommand.[GCID]

* the allow/deny of execution (1st line of output file) is ignored


Site command execution priority

There are 3 kinds of site commands now , built-in site commands , external site commands using onSiteCmd~onSiteCmd4 , external site command using site command dispatcher , the execution priority is described as the following

built-in site commands > site command dispatcher > onSiteCmd~onSiteCmd4

note : only if the built in site command is disabled , it will never wake up external site command

note : if a site command is handled by site command dispatcher , the command string will not be sent to onSiteCmd~onSiteCmd4 handlers

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REVISION 2.2 , 2002/07/31