Q : Getting ready for RaidenFTPD ODBC support : Installing your Database Management System and ODBC driver

A : To connect your RaidenFTPD to the database system using ODBC and enjoy lots of new database only features , you first need to install a DBMS , we'll recommend this one MySQL™ , it's not free unless you meet their requirements , but you can decide if you wish to buy it or not by yourself.

note : RaidenFTPD supports the following DBMS through ODBC MS-SQL 2000+, IBM DB2 8.1.X+, MS-ACCESS 2000+, MySQL 3.5X+,4.0x,4.1x,5.0x, PosgreSQL

1. download latest v3.5x or v4.x builds for Win32 from www.mysql.com

mysql primary download page: http://www.mysql.com/downloads/index.html

mysql 3.2x download page: http://www.mysql.com/downloads/mysql-3.23.html

mysql 4.x download page: http://www.mysql.com/downloads/mysql-4.0.html

note : please download Windows downloads versions if you are running Win32 Platform

note : we recommend you to download v4.0x

2. un-zip the package and run setup.exe


be sure to install to the c:\mysql , the default location , we'll use this path in the whole tutorial , unless you know what you are doing , do not change it.

3. starting up the administration interface

use windows explorer to open this file c:\mysql\bin\winmysqladmin.exe , double click on it to launch it.

after it's started , locate its icon on the task bar

if your mysql server is started , the indicator light is green , now right mouse click on it and click show me

You can see the server options and setup the system service startup options by this tool , but you need another tool for database management

now we are going to create the necessary database , use windows explorer to open this file c:\mysql\bin\mysql.exe, double click on it to launch it and you will see a command prompt window , simply type CREATE DATABASE raiden; and hit enter and your database is created , if you don't like this command prompt way , don't worry we'll introduce another GUI based administration tool later , although it will require extra setup procedure .

Welcome to the MySQL monitor. Commands end with ; or \g.
Your MySQL connection id is 2 to server version: 3.23.56-nt

Type 'help;' or '\h' for help. Type '\c' to clear the buffer.

mysql> CREATE DATABASE raiden;
Query OK, 1 row affected (0.02 sec)


4. remember your default database manager account and password

after you installed MySQL™ Your default root account is root

and your default root account password is empty (an empty string , 0 byte long)

and you are allowed to connect to your MySQL™ by this account and password via localhost loopback network

5. installing ODBC driver for MySQL™

download from http://www.mysql.com/products/myodbc/index.html

pick up MySQL™ Connector/ODBC 3.51 Downloads for Windows Driver Installer from http://www.mysql.com/downloads/api-myodbc-3.51.html

after you download it , double click on the installer MyODBC-3.51.06.exe , click next , next , next and finish

6. configuring MySQL™ Connector/ODBC

start Data Source (ODBC) administration utility from control panel

click on the system dsn tab , and then click add...

click on the MySQL ODBC 3.51 driver and then click Finish

now configure this data source you just added , remember the user/pass we have are still using default values , you can alter it later when you learned how to manage your MySQL™

now click the Test Data Source button , and you should get a successful message

now your MySQL™ and ODBC are ready for RaidenFTPD ODBC support


7. a few words

security is a very important issue when using database systems , we'll introduce some basic database management concepts next time in another article

8. configuraing RaidenFTPD to use ODBC

Open raidenftpd.exe and goto menu-setup-odbc database connection

note : a valid advanced license is required before you can use this feature.

Now just enable odbc and enter the odbc data source name you just setup.

note : when using mysql odbc, we already entered the username/password in odbc data source setup so we don't need enter it again here.

note : when using ms sql server odbc, no matter you entered username/password in odbc data source setup or not, you HAVE TO enter it again here.

Now click Ok to continue, if everything is correct, you will see the following messages in RaidenFTPD startup messages.

What are the available tables and schemas of RaidenFTPD? Take a look at your raidenftpd program directory and find this sql directory and you will see all the table schemas and table creation commands.


That's ALL


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