Q : How to create SSL certificate and private key for RaidenFTPD?

A : RaidenFTPD v2.4 default installation comes with a built in certificate and private key , however you may want to change it and here is the steps to create your own.

1. download RaidenFTPD SSL keygen (using openssl 0/96)

download : http://www.raidenmaild.com/download/ssl_keygen_rftpd.zip

2. extract the zip file and run ssl_keygen.bat

follow the steps and finish the process

after it's done you will have 2 files generated

cert.pem : it's your self signed certificated

key.pem : it's your password protected private key file

3. copy the 2 generated files to your RaidenFTPD installation folder and restart your RaidenFTPD.exe and you are done

That's ALL


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