Q : How to setup your own Auto IP identification server?

A : When you are setting up a server behind a traditional NAT router that does not support UPnP NAT traversal , a server usually has no way to get the real WAN (external) IP address , but RaidenFTPD v2.4 build 740+ has the ability to query the WAN IP address from our online server '' http://www.raidenmaild.com/download/echo.php " , however you may want to setup your own Auto IP identification server for whatever reasons such as privacy issue , speed issue and etc..

1. Setup your own web server with php extension support , you can use IIS , APACHE , or RaidenHTTPD read

2. Download the Auto IP identification server script file from here

3. Extract this script to a directory under your web server

4. Edit your raidenftpd.ini , enter correct HOSTNAME and absolute URL for your script

for example , if your script is at http://www.raidenmaild.com/download/echo.php

make it as the following in the raidenftpd.ini file


if u're running IIS and don't wanna install php, u can do it with ASP.


<% @Language = "VBScript" %>

Response.Write "YOUR_IP:" & Request.ServerVariables("REMOTE_ADDR") & "*"


<% @Language = "JScript" %>

Response.Write('YOUR_IP:' + Request.ServerVariables("REMOTE_ADDR") + '*');

and there was something missing in the php code ... so here's a working one i use:


echo "YOUR_IP:" . $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] . "*";



That's ALL


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