Q : How to add an user to multiple groups

A : First of all you need at least RaidenFTPD v2.2 build48+ , because from that version the multiple groups is finally supported . to add an user to multiple groups , simply open the user/group editor , in the user's group combo box , input the user's groups as the following format




note that the first group is always this user's primary group , you will need to understand that there are several characteristics for a multi group users

#1. if user's level is super , when he adds an user via site command , the new user will be in the super user's primary group (instead of being another multi groups user)

#2. when a multi groups user creates a directory or file , the owner group will be his primary group

#3. for the user's group variable , it always returns user's primary group only

#4. when a user sends site unfo command , all groups of an user will be displayed

Why using multi-groups

there are 2 major reasons to use multi groups , if you have directories

dir-a owned by group-a with mode 700

dir-b owned by group-b with mode 700

and users from each group can not access the other group's files , now if you add a administrator account with multi groups 'group-a,group-b' , he can access both directories .

the other reason to use multi-groups is the special command for some groups , there are 2 special groups now please read the next section .

Special groups

nukers : possible to execute site nuke command

sitebot : possible to execute site authpass

That's ALL



REVISION 2.2 , 2001/07/17