FTP server scripts | FTP server | 2021-10-22
FTP server scripts RaidenFTPD FTP server supports more than 30 built-in events, so that you can write your own scripts with your preferred programming language in order to sufficiently handle users traffic and/or files being uploaded to the FTP server. For example, you can either add your own extra manipulation to the files just uploaded by ftp users or deny upload from users following your own programming logic. These can all be done by your own addon script without modifying RaidenFTPD FTP server itself.
Some of the scripts within are provided by our users and there is absolutely no warranty of any kind. It is solely on your own risk if you would like to try them out; therefore, please use them with caution. The RaidenFTPD team does not take any responsibility for these that were not written by RaidenFTPD team and were not released officially from RaidenFTPD team. Warning: All scripts require RaidenFTPD v2.4 build 3913+.

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