Buy RaidenFTPD, do not use RaidenFTPD crack, keygen, serial | FTP server | 2024-07-13
Licensee For home and personal use only, not applicable to commercial or organization usage. Advanced license is required if you use RaidenFTPD in company, organization or school.
Registration fee $30 $35 $125
Nag screen removed removed removed
Web LOG analyzer no no yes
SSL/TLS no yes yes
Remote Control no localhost only yes
ODBC database no no yes

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Supporting the shareware authors. Supporting the useful softwares.
Support the authors so that they can have motives to perfect the softwares. Register your copy to benefit from registered-only features such as FTP over SSL/TLS and ODBC database connectivity. No more advertisement clicks and Nag window.

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Price of the full version may go up as more and more exciting features are made to the software in the future. Register now to receive lifetime-free update. We may change to annual subscription for version update in the future.

Direct supports from the authors , who know the most of this software
We can answer questions written in English, Japanese and Chinese. We can offer E-Mail and BBS support. There could be some kind of RaidenFTPD crack, keygen or serial out there on the internet, but frankly speaking they don't work well, by using those unofficial hack to RaidenFTPD, there will be stability problems. We recommend You to buy official license from RaidenFTPD team.

Professional service , we understand the FTP protocol
From RFC959 to the latest FTP related RFC documents, we read them and implement them by ourself (no component), such as UTF8 for FTP (RFC2640) and the FTP over SSL/TLS drafts. We have contacts with several software developers specialized in FTP clients and servers applications. We work closely together and ensure the compatibility in-between is best achieved. We have answered thousands of questions regarding FTP or RaidenFTPD.

Giving you the promises
We promise to keep on improving software by feature enhancement and bug-fix.(s). If you are not satisfied with our software or the software can not work in your environment, we can refund your money back guarantee! (within the first 14 days after your purchase)

We welcome both old and new friends
If you are an old user using other FTP servers, we even have importing tools for several popular FTP servers, such as serv-U, BPFtp, and g6Ftp. We have the most complete and detailed tutorial for new users.

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