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RaidenFTPD ftp server for windows, free to try, easy to use, totally affordable!

RaidenFTPD is an easy-to-use ftp server software for Windows™. With this handy tool you can share your files with friends, provide file download services to customers or even setup your own private network file server. Not only are all the basic FTP server features built-in; it also features various advanced features such as SSL/TLS, UTF8(unicode), UPnP NAT traversal and more ..
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FTP Server basic features

Everything You need, Raiden does it - RaidenFTPD enables you to setup an FTP server with FTP file management features including file uploads, downloads, rename, delete, directory management, site extension commands, passive and active file transfers, resume uploads and downloads, and more...

GUI based user interface - tired of using command line or text editor to manage Your servers? RaidenFTPD has easy-to-use management consoles including server options, user account management, virtual file system management, ip access restrictions, server schedulers and even the remote control interface.

Full range operating system support - RaidenFTPD supports Windows98/ME/2003/2008/XP/Vista/Win7. It also can run as a standalone application or system service, Under newer Windows operating systems such as Windows XP and 2003, it can also configure Windows Firewall and UPnP routers automatically.

International languages support
- the main RaidenFTPD program has the ability to switch user interface langauge automatically from English, Chinese, Japanese and other european languages, It is also the world premium server program that implements RFC2640 UTF8 (unicode) ftp support.

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FTP Server security

SSL/TLS/SSCN secured FTP - RaidenFTPD ftp server encrypts both the ftp command and data by the industry standard SSL&TLS ftp, supporting both implicit SSL and explicit SSL and server to server transfer over SSL via SSCN. It also support S/KEY md4/md5/sha1OneTimePassword protection.

IP/Domain address checking - RaidenFTPD can verify client's IP-address upon or after connection and (optionally) for passive data connections as well; also works with domain name checking. It also features several handy security mechanisms such as anti D.O.S. attack, hammering andi password guessing.

Detailed LOG system - RaidenFTPD can LOG file upload/download/delete/mkdir/rename and other operations into log files, It also features buffered LOG design, so even Your site is very busy, RaidenFTPD can handle it easily. It even LOGs every ftp command if You use ODBC database LOG.

Logon time restriction - RaidenFTPD allows you to set the time during a day of a week that the user is allowed to stay on ftp server, it will be no more problem if You do not want users to use Your FTP server at busy hours or at night.

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FTP Server performance

MODE-Z realtime data compression - With MODE Z technology , just send the file, and it's done. Transmission is automatically compressed in the background so that bandwidth will not be wasted and yet no compression utility is needed. Usually You can transfer a text file at 10 times faster if compression is used.

Blanced performance design - RaidenFTPD is tweaked for both giga bit high speed LAN and DSL speed internet connections, no matter what line are You using, You get optimized speed. It even supports transfer speed restriction for server or user accounts.
Network bandwidth restriction - If Your server is installed in a public shared internet environment, options for network bandwidth usage restriction for in or out streams per period will be very useful; for example: being able to allow 500mb of uploads and 600mb of downloads for every 24 hours.

Multi-IPs load balancing - having multiple IP addresses to server the internet? RaidenFTPD can automatically do ip rolling (optionally) for data transfer channel on multiple IP servers; you can even choose which IP to roll. Eventually it will make use of all of Your IPs to balance the internet traffic.

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FTP Server VFS

VFS virtual file system - support with owner/group/other permission system; supporting hard disk drives, cdrom drives, network drives, remote RaidenFTPD servers; the owner/group permissions is also file level that each file belongs to its creator only. Credit and quota are also supported.

VMP virtually merged partitions - VMP can merge multiple physical directories into one single virtual path. For example You can combine c:\mp3 d:\mp3 e:\mp3 into one single /mp3 virtual path to serve Your ftp users, isn't it very useful?

VLS - Virutally Linked Servers, RaidenFTPD VLS allows you to make one big united RaidenFTPD super server by linking to many other slave RaidenFTPDs. When ftp user browse into one of Your ftp directory, they can be actually using another RaidenFTPD server transparently.

Various handy features - RaidenFTPD VFS supports MP3/AVI/WMA/WMV file information displays, SFV file integrity checking, SFV progress report, compressed file integrity check for RAR, ZIP, LHA file formats. It also supports UTF8 (unicode) path names and ftp messages customization.

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FTP Server - easy-to-use

UPnP NAT traversal & ICF/ICS auto mapping (world premium) - UPnP NAT traversal makes zero setup for running an FTP server behind an UPnP enabled router possible, and XP ICS/ICF support can automatically configures Windows XP's built-in Internet connection sharing and Internet connection firewall.

Remote control GUI operation - manage your remote RaidenFTPD just like you are managing a local one. You can even manage multiple RaidenFTPD by a single RaidenFTPD.exe instance. (requires advanced license)

ODBC database connectivity - for MSSQL/MySQL/IBM DB2/MS-ACCESS/PosgreSQL databases, You will be able store server status, user accounts, server log, ip access rules in external database, having multiple RaidenFTPD server to use same user account setting is possible. (requires advanced license)

Built in server scheduler - allows site master to execute pre-defined server fucntions on specified time everyday. such as enabling/disabling servers, add/reset credits on users, reloading server config file, reset UPnP router and generating server stats log files.

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FTP Server expandability

Extented site commands - to see "who is online" "user's information", "latest 10 directories made on server", "get any URL and save it in a directory", "type a text file", "update user's information (ip , password..)", "get server time", "show top downloaders and uploaders ".

Open architecture - unlimited expandability customizing site commands; you can design your own site commands without changing the code of RaidenFTPD itself; you can even trigger your scripts by our built in event triggers, such as running Your program when a file is uploaded.

Customizing FTP messages - external message files with variables for events such as CWD, GOODBYE, DOWNLOADED, UPLOADED, WELCOME, LISTED, MP3 (more than 30 available variables for displaying user's information and server's information).

Never ending development - RaidenFTPD ftp server project is initiated on 2000 sept. It has been 12 years since then, we are always accepting user feedbacks for better software improvements, please tell us what do You think, maybe Your idea will be the next new feature of RaidenFTPD.

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