Q:How to enable the dupe checker of RaidenFTPD?

A:The RaidenFTPD has built-in dupe checker (a dupe means a file that already exists in your file system or ftp site) so to disallow user to upload a file that your ftp server already. This goody will save you from bandwidth and time being wasted. Please note that this is only a filename based checking. Sometimes 2 files with the same filename may still have different contents, ex: readme.txt or setup.exe, so you surely will need to use it carefully.

To enable dupe checker: first goto the server editor; check the bottom dupe check combo box; the default value is disabled. if you wish to use it you can change it to "enabled - online files only" or "enabled - online files + offline db"; don't forget to save your *.ftpd file before you leave this editor.

note : if you choose to use offline db also , you will need to browse for the offline db file *.lst which can be created by DupeMaker.exe included in this package

After you enabled the dupe checker, you need to choose a virtual path under which you want the dupe checker to be enabled; simply goto virtual file system editor and click on the virtual paths and check the checkbox of enable dupe checker under this virtual path. once again, don't forget to click the Update button and save your *.vfs file before you leave this editor.

Finally please restart your RaidenFTPD and the system will first build a dupe file list for the paths you have the dupe checker enabled. then, it will load theoffline database *.lst. when the user enters the virtual paths you have dupe checker enabled, he will be unable to upload any file that already exists in your dupe file database .

note : searching through the hard drives or cd-rom drives may take a while since building a dupe list may take 10-60 seconds. if you have more than 10000 files existing in the virtual paths you've selected, please be patient. however, when the database has been created, the dupe checking operation will be very fast.

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