What did the customers say about RaidenFTPD | FTP server | 2024-06-14

Raiden Professional Server softwares offer free trial version for You to evaluate before you buy it, but sometimes it's better to hear what did our users say before You try it!

the following opinions were provided by our users, unmodified.

Dylan Taylor, CTO. from Bluemont Software, inc. USA.
Our company was looking for a reliable and affordable FTP server solution. Luckily we have been recommended with RaidenFTPD that exceeded our expectations. RaidenFTPD is simply a state-of-the-art product for the Windows platform that has everything we need. A comprehensive user and access management, virtual file system, SSL support and especially very intuitive user interface that really makes the difference. Although our company runs especially unix/linux based systems, our managers still need Windows computers and laptops and when it comes to windows FTP servers, RaidenFTPD is definitely the best product in its field.
Dylan Taylor, CTO.
Sithnar home user United Kingdom
After trying out countless FTP servers I never found one that did exactly what I wanted, then came across RaidenFTPD, it had the Virtual File System which made navigating around the ftp a lot easier for my users, and it has an whole range of options to configure it exactly the way you want it. I would recommend this ftp software to anyone. It�s simple to setup and easy to use.
TuS home user France
RaidenFTPD has proven, over the years that I made the good choice. It never failed me.

After trying most of the commercial FTP servers I finally decided for RaidenFTPD in 2002. This because it fitted my needs better than any other: windows based, virtual file system, SSL support, remote management, extensive command set, fully customizable, scalable, numerous add-ons and above all perfectly stable.

The support forum a great place to find tons of information, the support team is very dedicated and takes user suggestions/problems into account with great reactivity.

Whether you want a simple to install/use FTP server or one with powerful configuration options, just stop searching: Go RaidenFTPD !!!

Regards from a very satisfied TuS.
GPRS home user Brasil
I"m very satisfied with raidenftpd. When i first used it, i was looking for a stable ftp server, witch allow me run SSL and other things. Years and years, and i never get pissed with the app. EVERYTIME i looked for some help, forums always helped a lot, PLUS pn aswered all of my topics personally.
One day i had a big trouble, can't solve it by myself, them pn offers me a great help i ever seen before in any place, he logged via VNC on my pc, and fixed my raidenftpd.
This is just amazing. I doubt u can find some kinda o support like this in any other place.
Well, to resume, i'm a very satisfied consumer of raidenftpd, and i 100% recomend it for all users. No matter if u have a lot of experience or not, i'm pretty sure u can solve all yours doubts.
John, thank you very much for all this years and for all u did to the comunnity.
Keep the good job !
Cheers from Brasil.
WWWFreak home user EU
RaidenHTTPD server is most stable and secure low memory consuming windows server their is. My raidenhttpd server works on pentium 3 computer with just 128MB perfectly. Also support from John Long is quick and accurate. Good work John, keep it on.
Mick Server & Channel Administrator United Kingdom

I was first asked by my work colleague (some years ago now) to set up an FTP server for our Gaming Administration IRC Support Channel. After trying various applications using linux, I stumbled across the windows platform of RaidenFTPD and I have to say there is nothing on the market that can compete on the same level both for its ease of use and also its price.

Simplicity in itself to install and setup and very easy to maintain. Since the demise of our gaming company, RaidenFTPD has now become an essential part of our Software package support channel, allowing us to send fixes or tutorials for the our software to the server thus allowing our end users to download and reap the benefits.

If its an FTP Server package you are looking for, then trust me when I say “Look no further than RaidenFTPD” you will not be disappointed.

Many thanks to John for the committed and continued work on RaidenFTPD and long may it reign the ultimate piece of software for all your FTP server needs.

Regards from one very happy Raiden user since the year dot – Mick - United Kingdom – Server & Channel Administrator

JOHNBOY home user USA.
Raidentunes is by far the best music server on the market. it is fluid in every aspect and constantly evolving. the functions of this product are very intuitive and customer service is unparreleled. no other music server can compare to it! research for yourself and you will come to the same conclusion i did.
some_impressions home user Germany (running on .NL server)
RaidenFTPD Advanced edition. At first I have to say, that I tried many Windows FTP Servers (for ex. Filezilla, G6FTP, Serv-U 6-8, and so on) but never found something that was close to work fine and had the things I wanted. Then I tried RaidenFTPD and in my opinion it's the easiest and best working FTP server for Windows that also includes advanced / professional options, and even supports addons so youre not caged with only the main program. The User Control Management is great which is really important to me and also the VFS (that also works fine) is a super option for experienced users. But even setting up a good FTP server with no expierence shouldn't take longer than 2-3 minutes (including ssl/tsl and some users). And the most important thing: it works from the beginning whats not self-evident for a Windows FTP server. I used it on a Win2008 - Core2Duo @ 2,5ghz, 2gb ddr2 ram and 250gig harddrive for 3 months with no errors so far. It only sometimes freezes for about 10-20 secs by doubleclicking the tray icon - but wayne because it starts anyway and the server is still up. The Logs are very easy to read and good made. The only thing that could be bit better in my opinion are the symbols in the main program I would prefer smaller icons with words. Also sometimes the main windows changes back to original size, even if u changed it. So my biggest wish to the future would be a new Interface where the user can make more changes of the layout but maybe I can also be done by a skin J - we will see. In comparison to linux clients (as glftpd, drftpd, eg) RaidenFTPD is the only Windows version of a FTP server that can keep up with them and it's the only reason why I still have a Windows server for personal use and not only Debian Servers. To everybody using another client I can only say try the free trial from the website an make your own impression.
Rodney Gullatte, Jr., F&AM, A+, MCP, MCDST from Firma IT Solutions and Services USA.
I was introduced to RaidenFTPD in 2002. Since then I have used nothing else for my FTP Server needs. The system is flawless and easy to setup and manage. When my servers would blow up and I needed to create a new one, I could always count on the JohnLong team to change my license for the product to work on my new server. The turnaround time from request to fulfillment is always fast and I have never been unsatisfied with the product or the service for all these years. I want to thank the JohnLong team for this wonderful product and the many years of satisfaction.
Roman management consulting Eastern Europe
A while back I was looking for the best software (ftp server) to access files on my home PC from work or when I'm on location. I tried most of the major ones out there (ioftpd,gene6/g6,serv-u,titanftp,ws ftp and many more). The problem with those solutions is not that they are bad, but the fact that to make them what I want I was required to either 1) install a ton of add-ins (which involves a lot of manual work) 2) in some cases there was no functionality extensions at all. With Raiden however the major difference is that EVERYTHING is built-in already: - you got VFS support (to merge directories on many harddrives)

-you got an anti-hammering system
-you got online/offline search (to find files fast)
-you got a complete tag (when you're uploading files with .sfv, which i use on a daily basis)

- tight AES-256 security (ssl: auth,implicit,explicit)
- advanced stats (seen when logging in)
- support for all the latest standards (e.g.: MODE-Z)

And I could go on and on and on, really. In a jost I love Raiden, because it has ALL I need build in and the only thing I have to do is to enable the stuff I need, that's it. Also, what's imporant is that unlike many raiden is constantly udated: bug fixes, new features, etc. And finally, you just got to love the developer: he quickly replies to all messages on the forum, checks bugs and answers on user's suggestions.

Well, I guess in the end it all comes down to choice for each and everyone, but I've tried pretty much everything what I can say is that in my opinion there's no FTP server that even comes close to Raiden.
As a Raidenftpd user that have been supporting this great software since 2003, I run RaidenFTPd exclusively on every machine that I need FTP service for. As I needed more than 25 concurrent connections on all my machines, using Raidenftpd have saved me hundreds of dollars in software cost, when compared to competitor Gene6 or Serv-U.
Setting up Raidenftpd is very easy where experienced FTP admin like me takes less than 15 minutes from installing to serving files. Manual modification of the config files is quick and easy when compared to setting up Proftpd or Pureftpd. There is a GUI to fall back to, for the less experienced users.
One feature of Raidenftpd that is undoubtedly an god send to FTP Admin is user management over FTP session, which provide a simple and quick way of adding user remotely, without the complexity of setting up complex web admin scripts and without the time consuming user interface interaction.
Performance wise, Raidenftpd is far superior than Serv-U V7 (I have not used V8). In my brief experience with Serv-U, it struggled at 80 users, 800KB/s total throughput, consuming hundreds of megabytes of ram and 100% CPU. Where in case of Raidenftpd, I regularly serve up to 100 concurrent connections, reaching a throughput of over 7MB/s with minimal CPU and memory usage.
There is however one minus point. Raidenftpd crashes once every few days on my servers where many users have poor connectivity to the server (Typical in China), subjected to frequent timeout and disconnections. I believe Raidenftpd is not as robust in this respect than other FTP server software.
The built-in self restart does not work as expected. BUT this is not a big issue. Simply setting up a simple Windows batch script to monitor and kill/restart Raidenftpd as needed in conjunction with the task scheduler results gives me an uptime of 99.95%
On the file serving side, Raidenftpd is very flexible, allowing file/folder permission to be set for per-user or per-domain. UTF-8 support is very good since 2003 where other FTP server software did not reliably support this feature until very recently.
While Raidenftpd is not perfect in every aspect, it is still much better than many other FTP server software out there which always have a few major issues.
For $29.99, you simply CANNOT find anything that is more feature rich and easier to setup than Raidenftpd.
鎌田 home user JAPAN
まず、internet で、ホームページを開設したり、メールのやり取りなどからスタートしました。当時(11年前)、65歳を過ぎた私にとって、ホーム・ページでも勉強をして、自分のページをつくり、好きな写真などをアップしてゆこうと軽い気持ちでした。
しかしことは簡単には済みませんでした。私の知識、理解力不足からくる、英語での特定のデフォルト単語等が理解できずに、いろいろなこまかい必要な設定がうまくかみ合わず、一部の動作に欠陥が出たりしました。(初心者には少し難解な点があるのです。)これらの問題を何とか解決しようと、ソフトを探して、XITAMI というソフトを探しあてました。このソフトも英語だけのバージョンで、細部の設定に対してはApacheと同じです。わからない時に誰にも相談することができません。どうせなら理解力を強めるためにも次は日本語のAnHTTPdを使ってみることにしました。これは曲りなりにも一応の状態に保てるようになりました。しかし相変わらず質問、相談はできません。そうこうしているときに、偶然RaidenHTTPdというWebServerをインターネットで見つけました。これはソフトの指示とうりに何もする必要が無く進めてゆくと、インストール完了という表示になります。ついでにすべて自動で PHPもインストールされるのです。私は何も手を加えることはなく簡単にインストールが完了しました。しかもすべて日本語表示です。(ルートディレクトリーだけは設定をする必要があります。)このほかにも、RaidenMAID や、TUNES、FTPD、DNSなどもあってすべて自動でインストールができるようになっています。今では一通りのサーバーをインストールして、自宅メーラーも立ちあげています。拙いサイトですが、一度私のサイトをご覧になって下さい。
今は、後期高齢者になった私でも扱うことができるのですから試用版があるのでRaidenServerを一度お試しになることをお勧めします。きっと満足をすることだろうと思います。欠点はアドバイスが英語だということかもしれません。 (http://kmd-home.ddo.jp/)
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