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Q : what are the options in the raidenftpd.ini?

A : First of all you can find this file inside raidenftpd program folder , it is automatically created when you launch the raidenftpd.exe , options are often added to this file with new builds of raidenftpd , and here is the list of available options for raidenftpd v2.4 build 3045+

START_MINIMIZE=0 start raidenftpd minimized 0=no 1=yes 2=start invisibly
LOG_SCREEN=1 display screen log 0=no 1=yes
URL_DECODE=0 enable raw url path decoding eg. decode %20 to space char , 0=no 1=yes
USE_ACL=1 use raidenftpd.acl file , aka file level ownership 0=no 1=yes , warning , better not disable it
ALLOW_P@SW=1 to treat P@SW as PASV , for some bad routers
OPACITY the opacity of the main gui, from 0-100
OUTBOUND_LIMIT the percentage of opened global outbound bandwidth from 0-100
INBOUND_LIMIT the percentage of opened global inbound bandwidth from 0-100
ADDUSER_LOGINS=2 the default max login number when you use site adduser command , 0~9
ADDUSER_RATIO=3 the default ratio for an user when you use site adduser command , 0~9 , 0 is unlimited
ADDUSER_MBCRED=0 the default initial mb credit when you use site adduser command , an integer
ADDUSER_NOIPCHK=0 to turn off ip checking on this user when you use site adduser command , 0=on 1=off
ADDUSER_LEVEL=3 the default user level when you use site adduser command , 0=root 1=super 2=normal 3=guest
ADDUSER_COMMENT= the default user`s comment when you use site adduser command , <30 chars , no strange char please
ADDUSER_SELFKILL=0 default value for user to kick himself upon login , when you use site adduser command , 0=disallow 1=allow
ADDUSER_PASSTYPE=0 default password type , 0=normal , 2=s/key md4 , 3=s/key md5 , 4=s/key sha-1 , 6=force SSL , 7=any password , 8=des local hash , 9=md5 local hash
SU_CAN_DELUSER=0 allow super level users to delete same group users 0=no 1=yes
SHOW_TOP_HEADER=1 display header and footer when you use site utop/dtop , make it 0 and you can design your own header
STAT_MAX_ROWS=10 max row number when displaying weekly and monthly top uploaders and downloaders
DUPE_MAXROWS=6 max result rows when displaying site dupe/srch results
CH_OWN_PASS=1 allow normal users to change their own passwords by site chpass command 0=no 1=yes
AUTO_USE_DEFAULT_MSG if set to 1 , system will use default-*.msg files when user's language msg files can not be found
SHOW_DIR_SIZE=0 set to 1 and when the ftp client is listing directories , the size of dir will be displayed !!slower!!
TRIGGER_EVENT_UNDER_HIDDEN_PATH=0 set to 1 and the event trigger will occur even if you are under virtual paths with hiding in site who attribute
DEF_PRELOGIN_LINE=Please enter your login name now the default login prompt message
DEF_LISTED_LINE=Transfer finished successfully. Data connection closed the default message displayed after a directory listing
DEF_NOCRED_LINE default message for no credit error
WARNING_ON_NO_ROOT=1 set to 0 if you do not wish to get a no root dir warning dialog box when user logs in
ADDUSER_EXPIRATION_DATE YYYY/MM/DD , default expiration date for adding user ex: 2002/11/05
LARGE_USER_DB=0 set to 1 if you have a lot of users , usually > 300 users , some realtime userfile disk sync will be disabled
DISABLE_UD_TOPS=0 set to 1 to disable site utop/dtop , if you have more than 500 users you may want to disable it
SHOW_DIR_SIZE_UNC=0 set to 1 to display directory size even if the path is under UNC , note : really slow
AUTO_FIX_SFV=0 if it is set to 1 , it will automatically fix bad .sfv file
AUTO_DEL_GCID=0 if it is set to 1 , it will automatically delete *.gcid files in output dir (for script debugging , set it to
TRIGGER_EXT_SCMD_FOR_INT_SCMD=0 if set to 1 , external site commands will be triggered even if the command was handled internally
RENAME_BAD_FILE=1 set to 0 if you don't want bad files to be renamed to .bad
DUPECHK_CHK_FILE=1 set to 1 if you want dupe checker to check filenames , default is 1 , set to 0 to disable it
DUPECHK_ALSO_CHK_DIR=1 set to 1 if you want dupe checker to check directory names also
TRIGGER_SITEMOVE_FIRST=0 set to 1 and the site move is triggered before RaidenFTPD is actually moving files
SCRIPT_TIMEOUT=1 set to 0 , script execution is not restricted by timeout value , actually 120 seconds
set to 1 to enable %P variable for non-anonymous users
default is disabled (0) , if you enable it people can resume upload on the same file for multiple times
default dl speed limit values (in KB/S) for site adduser command
default ul speed limit values (in KB/S) for site adduser command
to delete 0byte file uploaded by FXP or not , default is 0=not to delete
set to 1 for users in sitebot group to see v2.2 format of site who command
set to 0 to disable password logging if the user's password is wrong
set to 1 for server to ban IP if 3 failed login attempts are made from an IP
to enable or disable fly crc32
set to 1 to have date/time/user/group in dir listing to use dummy values
set to 1 to hide login fail reasons
FIXED_LOGIN_FAIL_REASON=Login attempt denied
the string that will be displayed when login failed if HIDE_LOGIN_FAIL_REASON=1
set to 1 if you don't want user to be able to re-login using the same connection
LONGRUN_MODE=1 LONG-RUN mode which uses as few memory as possible (will be slower but saves more memory)
MEMOPT_THRESHOLD_MB=30 set to 0 to disable memory optimization (default = 30mb)
MONDAY_AS_1ST_DAY_OF_WEEK=0 if set to 0 sunday is the first day , if set to 1 monday is the first day
TERMINATE_TIMEOUT_SCRIPT=1 set to 1 to force raidenftpd to close timeout external script , this only works for exec:// and ask:// handlers
SITENUKE_SHOW_FULL_VPATH=0 set to 1 for the %r variable to return full virtual path
USE_SRVC_PORTS_AS_DATA_PORTS=0 set to 1 to have the server to use port 22,23,80,443 as high priority data ports before using normal data port range
ANTI_NOOP_CMDS=NOOP default is NOOP only , you can use multiple commands such as NOOP,CWD,LIST,PWD,SITE,CDUP,PASV,PORT
DISABLE_CMDS cmd1,cmd2 .... , for example you can disalbe FEAT,SIZE
ANY_USERNAME_SUPPORT=0 to enable to use _ANYUNAME_ special account
* a named account _ANYUNAME_ must be created in userfile in order to use this
* comment field for this account is always displayed as '[using any username]'
* user level is locked to guest level
* all upload/download stats will not be updated in userfile
ALTERNATIVE_DAILY_LOG=0 set to 1 to use _SERVERNAME_.log.YYYY-MM-DD as daily rotated log file name (WARNING : if you enable this the raiden log analyzer can not work)
USE_NEW_GCID=0 enable it to use new 32 bytes gcid value , otherwise it will use old format
FSIZE_KBVAR_WITH_DECIMAL=0 enable it to use filesize (kb) variable with 3 digits after the decimal point
FORCE_ACTIVE_BIND_PORT=0 set to 0 for random port , set to any value between 1-65535 to force server to bind to that port for PORT (active) connections (source port for the TCP connection) . WARNING: Win2000/XP only
LOCK_DLING_FILES=0 set to 0 for not locking files for RETR commands , files can be deleted even if users are downloading it (but note that the action will be pending) , default value is 0 , set to 1 for not allowing DELE command on files that are being downloaded by RETR command
USE_LAN_SRV_IP_FOR_LAN_USERS set to 1 and server will ignore server_ip setting and report LAN private IP to users who connected within the LAN (works for 192.168.-.- and 10.-.-.-)
NO_UPNP_IGD_SCAN set to 1 to completely skip the UPnP NAT router scanning at startup (for those who with extremely slow routers)
BUFFERED_LOG set to 0 to disable buffered logging
FETCH_EXTIP_FROM_INET set to 0 to disable fectching external IP from our web site
AUTO_IP_IDENT_SERVERHOST (default external ip identification server)
AUTO_IP_IDENT_SERVERURL /download/echo.php (default external ip identification url)
DONT_REUSE_PASV_PORT_IF_XFERING set to 1 if you don't want raidenftpd to close an accepted pasv connection port after the PASV connection is made , this is for compatibility with some bouncer softwares
LINGER_ON set to 1 (default) to enable LINGER for data connections
SRCH_RESULT_WITH_FOLDER set to 0 to disable search result for folders
NO_SFV_AUTO_MISSING_REPORT set to 1 to disable sfv auto missing files report
SFVTAG_DEFAULT_OP r to create [INCOMPLETE][PERCENTAGE%]-DIRENAME-DISC# file tag under root directory of your ftp site
d to delete files not in .sfv (default)
f to force a full rescan on complete files (not recommended)
t to create a certificate of .sfv completion (default)
m to create *-missing files for missing files
p to creating [INCOMPLETE][PERCENTAGE%]-DIRENAME-DISC# file tag under parent folder of the directory you are uploading to
RESCAN_DEL_SKIP_EXT add the extension name to the option for site rescan command not to delete files if not in .sfv
ALLOW_OVERWRITE_SFVFILE set to 0 to deny overwriting of sfv files, you will need to delete it and then upload it again
USE_PORT20_FOR_PORT_CMD to bind to local port 20 for PORT command or not
ANONFTP_CHECKIP set to 1 to enable ip-checking for anonymous users (previously it doesn't check anonymous users' ip)
DISABLE_MODEZ_FOR_LANUSR set to 0 to enable MODE Z for all users,set to 1 to disable MODE Z for users from LAN, set to 2 to disable it completely
DATESTR_STYLE to set %y variable as MMDD format, =1 as YYYY-MM, =2 as YYYYMM, =3 as YYYYMMDD
DISABLE_PRIVATE_IP_CHECK set to 1 to completely remove private ip only code in raidenftpd
SITE_SRCH_SHOW_0BYTE set to 0 to skip search result directories with 0 byte file length
FORCE_LAN_IP put your manual LAN IP in it if you have multiple lan IPs
NAT_ICS_AUTO_CONF_WINDOW_CHKSUM upnp nat traversal setting checksum, you can not change it or the setting will be erased
settings for upnp nat traversal, should be set by GUI
set to 0 to disable it, and set to a number to enable max file upload size check
FORCE_SSL_DATA_CONNECTION set to 1 to disable plain text data transfer when user account is set to 'force ssl' password type
DUMP_SITENUKE_INFO_TO_DIRMSG set to 1 and raidenftpd will generate site nuke information message to your pre-defined 'directory message file name' file under the nuked directory , so when an user enters the nuked directory he can see the nuke information
FIRSTTIME_RUN set to 1 for the system to perform some first time run installation help routines
USERNAME_IN_SFVTAG if you set it to 1, there will be (by $username) added in the end of your certificate of sfv completion tag.
if you set it to 2, there will be both username and groupname added in the end of the tag.
DISABLE_ACCOUNT_IF_LOGIN_FROM_MULTI_IP set to 1 to let the server to automatically disable an account if the user logs in from different IP addresses at the same time
NOTE: if any account has to override this option, [check] Bypass max users limit in the user's setting
ALLOW_DOWNLOAD_SFVTAGS set to 1 to allow downloading sfv progress certificate files generated by raidenftpd
VARS_WITH_UNIT set to 1 to change the representation of variable %p and %d to "mb/gb" instead of bytes
SHOW_SERVER_STAT_BALLON set to 0 to disable the ballon tooltip that displays the server info when you restore the GUI
DEFAULT_SFVPASS_CHMOD set to "000"-"777" if you want the server to change file/dir modes for you after a sfv complete event occurs
SHOW_MEDIA_INFO set to 1 to display media file information before file download or after file upload, set to 0 to disable
DONT_AUTORESTART_IF_CRASHED set to 1 not to auto-restart RaidenFTPD if it detects a crashing
VARS_ESCAPE_DBL_QUOTE set to 1 if you want double quotes in variables to be escaped in events handlers. ( " -> \" )
ALLOW_ANYUNAME_PERSONAL_VFS set to 1 to enable personal vfs for users who logged in using any username

now You can customize the default sfv completion tag, the following variables are available for use.
%SERVERNAME% server's name
%DIRSIZE% size of the whole current directory in ?? mb format
%FILECOUNT% file count in the current directory
%USERNAME% uploader name of the user who completes this sfv
%GROUPNAME% group name of the user who completes this sfv
%DIRSIZEINT% size of the whole current directory in ??M format
%VDIR% to add current virtual directory's name in the tag
%LASTSPD% to display the last upload speed in kb/sec new!

DEF_SFV_TAG_MEDIA now You can customize the default sfv completion tag (when the folder contains media files such as mp3 wma, the following variables are available for use.
%MEDIA_ALBUM% album name in media's tag
%MEDIA_ARTIST% artist name in media's tag
%MEDIA_GENRE% genre name in media's tag
%MEDIA_AUDIOFORMAT% audio format of media
%MEDIA_VIDEOFORMAT% video format of media
%MEDIA_TITLE% title of the last uploaded media in the current directory
%MEDIA_YEAR% year tag in media
USE_APPDATA_CONFIG_PATH If it's set to 1, program will automatically use the following paths as RaidenFTPD config path.
winxp: [System_Drive_Letter]:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Local Settings\Application Data\RaidenFTPD
win vista: [System_Drive_Letter]:\users\[username]\AppData\Local\RaidenFTPD
note that this option is only set to 1 by new installations, users who have existing installations have to set this to 1 manually if You want to use this way.
RESCAN_MKSFV_SKIP_EXT add extensions like =htm,doc,jpg to have files with these extension names to be excluded when generating a .sfv file by site rescan - c command
BUILD_DIRCACHE_BACKGROUND set to 1 to enable directory size cache building procedure in the background 3 minutes after the server starts.
PARENT_PATH_INFO_IN_MISSINGTAG set to 1 to have parent directory data in the sfv missing file tag. (only for the one under the root directory, not the dir its parent directory)

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