Q : How to hide files and directories ?

A : There are 2 ways for you to do it

1. hide files/directories globally to all users

Simply goto menu->Setup->FTP Servers

uncheck 'Display files/directories with hidden attributes' , save *.ftpd , quit and reload


2. hide files/directories only to those who have no READ permission on the files/directories

Simply goto menu->Setup->FTP Servers

uncheck 'Show files that users can't Read' , save *.ftpd , quit and reload

note : The rule is based on the Owner/Owner group/Other goup permission system , you need to set the users into different groups so you can control who can see the files and who can not. ( read : permission system )

note : Regardless of the file permission modes , ROOT level users can always see all files/directories even if you have this option unchecked.

That's ALL



REVISION 2.2 , 2002/01/02