Q : How to setup a FTP protocol bouncer for RaidenFTPD?

A : A FTP protocol bouncer is primarily used to hide/protect the FTP server , you can call it firewall for FTP server , RaidenFTPD can also work with various kind of FTP protocol bouncers .

the entry level for FTP protocol bouncer is a command session only bouncer without security , however it is still possible to determine server's IP address via the PASV command response from FTP server , so there is also some kind of bouncers which can do data session protection . and the higest level should be SSL enabled FTP bouncing , it will be not possible to sniff any command or data from a SSL enabled FTP protocol bouncer , the following list contains some userful bouncer products (not made by RaidenFTPD team)

DIKE : security through IDNT , DATA+CMD sessions bouncing

PORT TUNNEL : built-in IP checking security , DATA+CMD sessions bouncing

SECURE TUNNEL : SSL encryption , DATA+CMD sessions bouncing (only Passive data connection is bounced due to SSL)

To setup DIKE , please read its installation notes and you only need to do one thing on the RaidenFTPD side , that is to open your *.ftpd file , find the BOUNCERIP entry , and input the IP address of the bouncer machine , and please use Check IP after login in your server optionl . note that the IP checking is still performed by RaidenFTPD server

We have prepared some tutorials of installing PORT TUNNEL and SECURE TUNNEL , please click the links if you want to setup FTP protocol bouncers .

Multiple Bouncers are supported after version 2.2. build 54 , to enable this , simply put IP1,IP2,IP3 in the BOUNCERIP entry , note that the domain name doesn't work , you have to put FULL IP.

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