Introduction - RaidenFTPD is an easy-to-use ftp server software for Windows™. With this handy tool you can share your files with friends , provide file download services to customers or even setup your own private network file server . Not only are all the basic FTP server features built-in; it also features various advanced features such as SSL/TLS, UTF8, UPnP NAT traversal and more ..

Supported FTP features - RaidenFTPD enables you to setup a FTP server with FTP file management features including file uploads, downloads, rename, delete, directory management, site extension commands, passive and active file transfers, resume uploads and downloads, and more... see complete list here.

IP checking - upon/after connection and (optionally) for passive data connections as well; also works with domain name checking.
SSL&TLS ftp/fxp - encrypt both the ftp command and data by the industry standard SSL&TLS ftp, supporting both implicit SSL, explicit SSL and server to server transfer over SSL via SSCN. ONLY available in PRO/ADVANCED LICENSE
S/KEY one time passsword - advanced password verification scheme using md4/md5/sha-1 algorithms, allowing no hacker to intercept and decrypt your ftp passwords.
Multi servers in one process - manage multiple ftp servers with different settings (user file, virtual file system, IP, ports) within one RaidenFTPD process; it can even make use of your multiple IPs for load balancing.
User activities LOG - log user's login attemps, read/write/delete/transfer speed; there is also an option for LOG filename rotation, depending on Year/Month/Day; a web LOG analyzer is also included in advanced license, click here to see our LOG format.
Data transfer load balancing - automatic ip rolling (optionally) for data transfer channel on multiple IP servers; you can even choose which IP to roll.
Raiden Virtual Filesystem - REAL virtual file system support with owner/group/other permission system; supporting hard disk drives, cdrom drives, network drives, remote RaidenFTPD servers; the owner/group permissions is also file level that each file belongs to its creator only.
Secret files - hide or show the files and directories with hidden attribute in the harddisk; it's very easy to control what you want the FTP users to see or not.
Free files - allow users to make any file freely downloadable without credit.
Configurable port range - configurable data transfer channel port ranges ( ex : 200-1000, 40000-60000 ) for each ftp server, extremely useful for firewall users.
Download restrictions - controls max concurrent downloading user account under the whole server/group or username.
Anti-hammering protection - automatically deny accesses to those who are trying to connect to your server for too many times during a specified period of time.
Logon time restrictions - allows you to set the time during a day of a week that the user is allowed to stay on ftp server.
Ratio system - BBS style trading system, the uploaders can take file (ex: upload 1mb gains 3mb of downloading credits).
Extremely high speed - almost 30000 kbytes/sec in the 1000mbit LAN, outperforms most of the "famous" windows ftp servers. It also works well with lower speed environments such as ADSL/Cable modem servers.
Speed calculation - server side transfer speed measurement letting the users know the transfer speed of download and upload.
In/Out-bound throttle system - allows you to control the input or output streams speed in a fuzzy matter.
Upload/Download speed limit - configurable transferring speed limit for in or out streams (independently) for each user or the whole server.
Windows 2K/Xp/2003 service - built in Windows2000/Xp/2003 service support; you can install RaidenFTPD as service with the in package RaidenService application, here is a link to the help page.
Remote administration (command line) - complete sets of site commands for user account management. click here for more information.
Remote control (graphical user interface) - manage your remote RaidenFTPD just like you are managing a local one. click here for more information.
Disk quota - support for disk quota! you can limit the disk usage for each virtual path of your server.
UPnP NAT traversal - zero setup for running a ftp server behind an UPnP enabled router.
XP ICS/ICF support - automatically configures Windows XP's built-in Internet connection sharing and Internet connection firewall for you to allow you to run a FTP server.
VMP - "Virtually merged partitions" combines multiple folders into one virtual folder.
VLS - VLS (Virtually Linked Servers) links multiple RaidenFTPD together.
MODE Z - realtime data compression transmission - With MODE Z technology , just send the file, and it's done. Transmission is automatically compressed in the background so that bandwidth will not be wasted and yet no compression utility is needed.
ODBC - database connectivity (MSSQL/MySQL/IBM DB2/MS-ACCESS/PosgreSQL). ONLY available in ADVANCED LICENSE
Network bandwidth restriction - options for network bandwidth usage restriction for in or out streams per period; for example: being able to allow 500mb of uploads and 600mb of downloads for every 24 hours.
File integrity checker - built-in ultra fast rar/zip/lzh/md5/sfv(crc32) integrity checker for checking incoming files; no credit will be given to uploaders if they upload bad files, of course.
Media information - mp3/avi/wma/ogg/vqf file format support! server will display media information such as album name, artist name, song title, bitrate, and frequency while a user downloads or uploads media files.
Multibytes characters filesystem - supports for multi-bytes characters such as Chinese and Japanese in path and file names.
Unicode filename/pathname support (UTF8) - translate local character set into utf8 and display it to ftp clients; it's possible to use all languages at the same time with UTF8 support. currently only available to smartftp client
Multiple languages interfaces - multiple languages interfaces choices for each user account ( ex: user A sees english and user B sees japanese).
Server scheduler - allows site master to execute pre-defined server fucntions on specified time everyday. such as enabling/disabling servers, add/reset credits on users, reloading server config file, reset UPnP router and generating server stats log files.
Sysop chat system - allows site master to text chat with ftp clients by supported clients such as ftp voyager or flashfxp by site commands.
Message files - external message files with variables for events such as CWD, GOODBYE, DOWNLOADED, UPLOADED, WELCOME, LISTED, MP3 (more than 30 available variables for displaying user's information and server's information and 6 functions to show top 10 uploaders / downloaders, 10 latest directories, user's detail info, and who is online?) ... click here to see the full listing.
59+ extented site commands - extra site extension commands to allow user to see "who is online" "user's information", "latest 10 directories made on server", "get any URL and save it in a directory", "type a text file", "update user's information (ip , password..)", "get server time", "show top downloaders and uploaders ", "encrypt/decrypt a file", and many more ! see full remote user account management commands , click here for a full list.
Unlimited expansion - unlimited expandability customizing site commands; you can design your own site commands without changing the code of RaidenFTPD itself; you can even trigger your scripts or HTTP CGI by our built in event triggers, EX: when an user logs in, RaidenFTPD will submit to an URL and update the database entry for login records - imaging what can be done by this? we have prepared more than 12 useful events for you already. click here to download our sample scripts to see how to expand the functionalities of RaidenFTPD by event triggers and customizing site commands.
IRC reporting - eggdrop connectivity; RaidenFTPD has built in eggdrop client that it is possible to report server events on IRC via this eggdrop bot easily with just few lines of settings, click here for more information.

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RaidenFTPD v2.4 Final Spec

[RaidenFTPD System]
-Multi servers in one process
-Multi domain support
-Compatible with Win98/Me/2000/Xp/2003
-Runs as Win2000/2003/XP system service
-64 bits addressing space for file size and directory size
-Anti-Hammering & Anti-D.O.S. system
-Multi threads core
-Uncrackable executable protection
-Multiple languages interface , English , Chinese and Japanese
-GUI , Help files
-Taskbar icon
-Fully functional without registration (with nag screen/text)
-UPnP NAT Traversal & ICS/ICF auto configuration

[IP Configuration]
-Supports for Multi-IPs server , Multi-NICs server
-Supports for Multi-IPs rolling , automatic load balancing (for both passive and active connections)
-Supports Dynamic IP server (+with private IP)
-Supports server running behind NAT (NAT has to support packet forwarding)
-Supports server running behind FTP protocol bouncer (delegate & glftpd bouncer with IDNT command)
-Possible to exclude/include any IP on your machine from being used to offer PASV command
-Possible to use fixed IP to listen and dynamic IP to offer DATA connections
-Possible to choose passive port ranges

[Users & Groups]
-Account enable/disable
-Skip max users limit on server
-Independent speed limit for UL/DL
-Max logins per user account
-Ratio system
-Controls over max no ratio users within a group
-User group name , comment , level attribute
-User language attribute with 10 user language files
-User's and group's login script
-User can join multiple groups
-Disk or memory user database for very large user files
-Encrypted password field / clear text password field in the user file for batch user accounts creation
-Remote accounts administration via site commands
-Allows users to have their own ftp permissions instead of using virtual file system defaults

[Security System]
-User accounts with level attribute , root super normal and guest
-IP checking for both command session and data session
-Domain name checking for command session
-FTP over SSL/TLS (implicit & explicit SSL)
-S/KEY md4/md5/sha-1 one time password authentication
-Option to allow any password for user accounts
-Anti-NOOP feature
-Max idle time feature
-Possible to check IP/Domain before login or after login
-Possible to hide server compltely
-Possible to restrict max users per IP
-Possible to restrict max normal/anonymous users
-Possible to deny connection from any IP/Domain
-Possible to have user accounts which skip the max users limitation
-Possible to define attributes for anonymous account
-Possible to detect ftp client type on anonymouse accounts
-Encrypt and decrypt personal files via site commands

[Raiden Virtual File System]
-Completely hide Win32 physical paths
-True file-level owner/group/permission system
-Supports for UNC , Harddisk , Floopy , CD-Rom , DVD-Rom , Network Drive
-Supports for URL path decoding (Raw URL decode , optional)
-Supports for group root directories and user home directories
-Supports for UL/DL speed limit under specified path
-Supports for disk quota at any virtual path
-Supports for free files
-Supports for CRC32/MD5/ZIP/RAR/LHA checking
-Supports for MP3 media file information (id3 tag , freq. bitrate information)
-Supports for directory message file
-Supports for event triggers for CWD/MKD/RMD/STOR/RETR ftp commands
-Supports for ultra fast file/directory searching via site commands
-Supports for duplicate file checking under specified virtual path (online and offline files)
-Possible to hide hidden files
-Possible to set/query complete date and time information on files through MDTM command
-Possible to mount any disk drive or directories at anywhere in the Virtual File System
-Compatible with MBCS operating system (Chinese/Japanese and ETC)
-Resume on UL/DL , using APPE,REST methods
-Possible to deny overwrite on files marked as good (option)
-Complete date and time directory listing switch (LIST -T)
-Ultra fast file I/O
-Media I/O error detection
-Dupe check for filename and directory name
-Virtually merged partitions

[User Interface]
-True real-time server and client activities monitor
-Operate on servers and clients directly via object oriented interface
-Possible to run in hidden mode
-Talk with ftp clients via GUI
-Screen LOG (can be disabled for performance reason)
-Server editor
-User/group editor
-Ip/domain access rules editor
-Virtual File System Editor
-Scheduler editor
-Log/message/preference setup dialog
-Setup wizard
-Live update
-Raiden LOG Analyzer
-sysop mails viewer , and chat with ftp client dialog box
-RaidenEditor , message file editor
-DupeMaker , online and offline files database builder
-RaidenService , 2000/Xp/2003 system service installer

[Bandwidth Restriction / Load Balancing]
-Possible to define max in/out bytes per period
-Possible to choose which IP shall the server use to offer data connections
-Speed limit on user accounts and virtual paths
-Inbound & Outbound bandwidth throttle system
-Download restrictions for max concurrent DL/UL users under user account/group/server

[LOG System]
-Log to screen and disk file
-Log filename rotation (weekly , monthly , yearly)
-Possible to enable detailed debug mode (debug.txt)
-Weekly/Monthly statistic data
-Records last 10 created directories on the server
-Built-in graphical LOG analyzer

-Possible to start/stop a server at specified time
-Possible to launch any external program at RaidenFTPD startup
-Possible to execute any external program at specified time

[Programming Interface]
-Event triggers can be used to call external programs and scripts and http CGI request submission
-27 events , 69 variables and 6 system functions
-21 types of message files for each user language and 5 more default message files for all user languages
-Async/sync methods to execute external programs upon events
-Possible to creaet custom site commands
-Allows creation of interactive site commands pack and interaction with events

-All time top uploaders/downloaders report via system functions
-Weekly top uploaders/downloaders via site commands
-Weekly top upload/download groups via site commands
-Connections and bandwidth statistics for each server and whole system

[FTP Protocol]

[Site Commands]
-cat addip delip adduser
-adduser deluser list chgrp
-chown chlvl chratio chlogin
-close open show reload
-disable enable move kick
-nuke free give take
-who race dnfo tagline
-comment onel urlget chpass
-chmod unfo stealth new
-utop alup dtop aldn
-wkup wkdn gpwu gpwd
-encrypt decrypt time mp3
-msg dupe srch undupe
-eggtalk uchanges authpass xdupe
-xwho sync expire rescan wipe

[Eggdrop/IRC Connectivities]
-Supports for Eggdrop 1.3x +
-Auto reconnect if connection closes
-27 events , 69 variables for Eggdrop messages
-Possible to send commands to Eggdrop directly from FTP client

Copyright © 2000-2012 RaidenFTPD TEAM , ALL RIGHT RESERVED

REVISION 2.4 , 2012/04/01